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Disrupting Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Market with Oral Spray

  • Aspargo Laboratories, Inc. and Laboratorios Vanquish, S.A. to jointly launch Sildenafil Oral Spray in Mexico via exclusive License and Distribution Agreements
  • Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Columbia represent combined annual ED market in excess of $1 billion
  • Aspargo’s Sildenafil Oral Spray offers a convenient, discreet option for men with ED

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NEW JERSEY and MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – JUNE 21, 2022 – Aspargo Laboratories, Inc. (“Aspargo”), a private specialty pharmaceutical company focused on commercializing innovative formulations of leading tablet medications, announced today that it has entered into an Exclusive Patent License Agreement (the “License”) with LABORATORIOS VANQUISH, S.A. (“Vanquish”), a leading Mexican pharmaceutical company, to commercialize Sildenafil Oral Spray in Mexico. Concurrent with the grant of the License, Aspargo and Vanquish have agreed to enter into a Distribution, Collaboration, and Profit-Sharing Agreement for the joint marketing and promotion of Sildenafil Oral Spray in Mexico (the “Distribution Agreement” and, together with the License, the “Agreements”). The Agreements allow Aspargo to expand its international marketing of Sildenafil Oral Spray for the treatment of erectile dysfunction to the Latin American market.

Sildenafil Oral Spray is an oral liquid suspension of sildenafil citrate administered via a spray pump that dispenses 12.5 mg of sildenafil per push. Aspargo uses an FDA-approved, metered-dose container that delivers the precise amount of sildenafil citrate per push based on patient need. The discreet and easy-to-carry oral spray allows the user to customize dosing and avoid pill splitting or crushing attendant with the traditional tablet medication.

“The expansion of our product launch to Mexico positions Aspargo to access the lucrative LATAM markets of Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Columbia, which represent combined annual sales in excess of $1 billion,” said Michael Demurjian, Aspargo’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “This pocket-sized oral spray suspension formulation of sildenafil citrate will now give men in Mexico a convenient and precise delivery system of a proven ED medication to manage their erectile dysfunction.”

Pursuant to the Agreements, Aspargo and Vanquish will jointly market Sildenafil Oral Spray in Mexico and share in the net profit and cash flow from product sales. Farmalider, S.A. (Madrid, Spain), licensor to Aspargo of the patent rights to Sildenafil Oral Spray, will supply the commercial product for the Spanish market pursuant to a multi-year Supply Agreement. The joint venture leverages Aspargo’s proprietary patents, know-how, and sales expertise and Vanquish’s logistics, administration, supply chain, and drug distribution services in the Mexican market to maximize product sales.

“At Vanquish, we are dedicated to making safe and reliable prescription drugs accessible to members of our local communities,” said Aristides Torres, Vanquish’s CEO. “Together with Aspargo, we will commercialize an oral spray of the proven drug sildenafil, providing men suffering from erectile dysfunction and their partners with an alternative, discreet option. I’m honored to be on the forefront of bringing this drug to Mexico.”

Erectile dysfunction is characterized by the persistent difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection sufficient to have sexual intercourse. While the prevalence of ED has been shown to increase with age, a recent study conducted by the Sexual Medicine and Andrology Unit of the University of Florence, Italy, showed that ED in younger men is likely to be overlooked and dismissed without a proper medical assessment.

About Aspargo Laboratories, Inc.
Aspargo Laboratories, Inc., located in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, is a commercial stage, specialty pharmaceutical company. Aspargo’s current focus is to commercialize an oral spray formulation of sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient in Viagra®. Aspargo is the US and international licensee of the patent rights covering Sildenafil Oral Spray from Farmalider, S.A. of Madrid, Spain ( For additional information, please visit our website at

About Laboratorios Vanquish
Laboratorios Vanquish is a privately held pharmaceutical company headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico. The company is dedicated to the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of drugs and medical devices, mainly for the institutional market. For additional information, please visit our website at

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