Introducing an oral spray technology so powerful, it’s reaching the four corners of the world.

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The world’s most famous little blue pill, now available in a pocket size spray.


An idea whose revenue has come.


We believe no one else has
the trade secrets or expertise
to do what we do.

Aspargo Labs develops patient-focused solutions and must-have medicines by utilizing our proprietary technology to enhance previously approved drugs with well-known pharmacology profiles.

Our initial product candidate is a proprietary oral suspension formulation of sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient in VIAGRA®.

Game Changing
Product Technology
& Delivery System

Aspargo’s unique oral spray formulation is designed to offer patients an alternative to tablet medications, such as VIAGRA® and Cialis® and their respective generic equivalents.

Sildenafil Oral Spray

Aspargo’s oral spray suspension formulation of sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient in VIAGRA®, is a novel and convenient route of administration for this commonly prescribed medication for erectile dysfunction.

Flexible Dosage

Metered pump delivers exactly 12.5 mg per push of the pump to facilitate appropriate dose titration based on patient needs.

Key Benefits & Adoption Drivers

Convenient administration, accurate dosing, faster onset, and retains effectiveness following ingestion of food or drink.

Sildenafil Spray Use in Simultaneous and Other Indications

Aspargo’s proprietary Sildenafil Oral Spray is intended to satisfy the unmet need for an easy to administer dosage form of sildenafil citrate for use in multiple indications.

We believe
no matter the pill
or tablet, we can
turn it into a spray.

Aspargo Labs owns the exclusive commercialization rights to Sildenafil Oral Spray in the United States and more than 75 countries throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America, the United Kingdom and Canada under a patent licensing agreement with Farmalíder S.A. (Madrid, Spain), Market Exclusivity and IP Protection.


The Spritz Heard ‘Round the World’

  • Aspargo Announces Completion of Dosing of All Subjects in Sildenafil Oral Suspension Bioavailability Study and Initiation of Dosing in Companion Food-Effect Study READ MORE
  • Aspargo Laboratories Inc. Announces Initial Dosing of All Subjects in Bioavailability Study for Sildenafil Oral Suspension READ MORE
  • Aspargo Laboratories Announces IND Clearance by U.S. FDA, Enabling Launch of Bioequivalence and Food-Effect Studies for Sildenafil Oral Spray READ MORE
  • Aspargo Laboratories, Inc. Announces Filing of Its Investigational New Drug Application For Sildenafil Oral Spray READ MORE
  • Aspargo Receives Regulatory Approval to Market Sildenafil Spray in Germany, Ireland, and The Netherlands READ MORE
  • Aspargo’s Footprint Grows With Middle East Expansion READ MORE
  • Aspargo Expands Beyond Spain Into Latin America READ MORE
  • Aspargo Acquires Bandol® Sildenafil Spray READ MORE
  • Aspargo Acquires International Rights to Sildenafil Oral Spray READ MORE
  • Aspargo Announces Successful Completion of Pre-IND Meeting w/ FDA READ MORE
  • Aspargo Extends Latin America Reach From Mexico To Argentina READ MORE

Strategic Partnerships

We believe our experience with
ED spray will give rise to countless other opportunities.

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